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The Quantabacook Lake Association (QLA) serves the community and ecosystem at Quantabacook Pond in Searsmont, Maine.

As a headwaters pond of the St. George River system, we promote boating safety, monitor water quality, and work with wildlife and ecological organizations to promote and protect the wellbeing of our lake and the downstream ecosystem. We also host the annual meeting/picnic.

About Us

The QLA has been around a long time; so long that we’ve forgotten when we were established but it was before 8 track tapes were a thing.

We have a YouTube channel for videos relevant to our work.

All property owners on the pond are eligible for membership. We are a diverse group with members from wide ranging locations and backgrounds but we are joined by a love and appreciation for the pond that we play on and steward.

Our dues are $20 per camp per year and they can be paid at the annual meeting or snail mailed to:

QLA c/o Tim Wilson PO Box 111 Searsmont, ME 04973

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